How To Choose The Right Type Of Shoes To Go With Your Outfit

How To Choose The Right Type Of Shoes To Go With Your Outfit

Men are creatures of habit. If they are used to wearing one kind of shoes for work then that’s what they usually wear for every occasion. Many men will just throw on a pair of sneakers or other comfortable shoes no matter what outfit they have on. However, it is important for men to still try to be fashionable no matter what they choose to wear. Coordinating your shoes with your clothing choices isn’t as hard as you might think. The following tips will help you easily choose the right shoes for your outfit even if you are fashionably inept.



One of the most important aspects to choosing the right shoes for your outfit is to make sure they are the right color. Tan and khaki pants should be paired with shoes that are tan or lighter in color. Dark or black pants should be paired with shoes that are just as dark or darker. Jeans can be paired with pretty much any color of shoe as long as it complements the top. For pants that are multicolored, pick one color in the pants and match your shoes to that color. A good rule of thumb is that if you are wearing a belt that is visible, then your shoes should be the same color or at least complement it.




When choosing what style of shoes to wear, take into account the occasion or event you are going to. In general, the shinier the shoes are the more dresser they are. Also, shoes with tassels should be reserved only for special occasions. If you aren’t sure whether or not you should wear dresser or more casual shoes, go for something in between. Loafers or moccasins are appropriate for most occasions or events.




As a guy, it’s hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Whether you simply don’t care about trends or don’t even know where to begin, you can still choose shoes that will look fashionable. A good pair of dress shoes or tennis shoes never go out of style. The key is to make sure that you are pairing the right shoes with the right outfit. If you are wearing a shirt and pants that are paired well together, it won’t matter too much if your shoes are considered trendy or not as long as they are in good condition and look relatively new.

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It can be confusing trying to figure out if your socks should match your shoes. The good news is that socks do not need to necessarily match your shoes. You should consider your socks an accessory like a tie. If the socks don’t look good with your shoes or overall outfit, then you should wear another pair. It’s best to pick out your shoes first and then coordinate your socks with it. Make sure that your socks and shoes are comfortable together. Some socks may be too thick or too thin to wear with certain shoes. You don’t want to be uncomfortable all night because you chose the wrong pair of socks.




What guy doesn’t want to save money? You might be tempted to try to buy a cheap pair of shoes to save a buck, but unfortunately your outfit will suffer. Cheap shoes usually look cheap in appearance. They also don’t last as long as a well made, more expensive pair of shoes. Instead of buying something that is cheap and poorly made, try to wait until quality shoes are on sale or you have a coupon for them. In order to get the most bang for your buck you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to purchase shoes for a special occasion. You should already have those shoes sitting in your closet waiting to be worn.




It doesn’t matter how good a pair of shoes looks with your outfit if they are uncomfortable. You may actually choose the ugly, worn out pair of shoes versus the new, stylish ones if they are more comfortable. It is important that you purchase shoes that are the right size. This may mean buying shoes that are a size bigger or wider than you normally buy. After buying new shoes, you should wear them around your house a few times in order to break them in. This will help them mold to your foot shape and keep you from being uncomfortable when you have to wear them for a long period of time.

In conclusion, you can easily coordinate your shoes to your outfit with the proper knowledge. By utilizing the above tips you can ensure that you will look well dressed from head to toe. Just remember that carefully pairing your shoes with your outfit can give off the impression that you are fashionably conscious even if you don’t keep up with the latest trends.

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