Gotland – Sweden’s sunny get together

Gotland – Sweden’s sunny get together

If you are interested in Sweden but don’t want to travel to Stockholm or have already been there or maybe you want to see another part of Sweden and have a good time as well as a cultural stay.


An island located in the southeastern part of Sweden is named Gotland. Gotland has a reputation of being the sunniest place in Sweden which is probably why everyone loves it. It has got everything from cultural heritage, beaches, museums, shopping, and nightlife, fun activities for the family, boat trips, and events like Stockholm Week or Middle Age Week.



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Gotland has a rich history that reaches back ten thousand years and every year festivals, theaters, music and hiking contributes the memory of the history. You can live like a Viking, visit different museums and take part of the well protected items that can be over three thousand years old. You can even take part of tournaments where knights fight against each other. You can also watch a Shakespeare play in a typical monastery environment. Many of the hotels in Visby – the capital of the landscape Gotland – have a Middle Age theme with a design from the 1300th century. Also in Gotland, you are always close to a church so to visit the magnificent buildings is a must.


If you are the more adventurous kind of type there are a lot of activities for you here, everything from riding an MC bike through the dirt roads with the sun in your face to kayak adventures. There are cave tours and horse riding tours. You can get around the island in many different ways even if it is by car, horse, bike or feet, with or without guide. Everything that suits you is available.



If you are traveling with the whole family, Gotland is a perfect place. It has got many child friendly beaches where you can relax and your kids can play. Also you will have to visit Kneippbyn which is a play land with about fifteen water sleighs and eight warm pools and baby pools. Also here you have to visit Pippi Longstocking’s house Villa Ville Kulla, the actual original. And speaking of Pippi why not let your kids walk in her steps? Is it possible to carry a horse or is it better that he carries you? Can you find a spunk or eat as much candy as you can? Maybe your child wants to be a fair princess for a day or maybe get dubbed to a royal knight? Maybe they want to take a route in the little Visby train to see what the island has to offer or maybe visit a scary cave? For the bigger kids there are lots of clubs with disco’s and activities during the days, letting them learn the island and the Kanonen Activity Center offers bowling alleys and laser dome.


If you’re traveling with your friends and want to have some fun, Gotland’s great. Visby in a summer night is almost idyllic and cars and stress is left at home. Visby is a city of pleasure and offers great food and drink supply. And there is something for everyone. If you want to dress nicely and drink champagne all night long you can do that, and if you want to have a beer in a pub with your mates, that works too. You can find it all here. Every year during week 29 there is something you as a party dog don’t want to miss. Stockholm Week. Then all the fancy people from the finest parts of Stockholm come here to party and meet new people from all around the world.



Almost all Sweden’s music elite come here to play since it is a popular place for people to be, different people. You can meet anyone here. You can see anyone here and you can do whatever you want. Sweden’s sunny resort Gotland is definitely worth a visit.



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