When Should Children Own Laptops?

When Should Children Own Laptops?

Laptops can benefit your child in a number of ways, including opening educational doors that children of previous generations weren’t exposed to so early. However, it can be hard to determine exactly when you should buy your child a laptop. Here are some important things to consider before deciding whether to bite the bullet or wait a while. Of course all of these are just general guidelines because you know your children better than anybody.


Ages 5 to 8



Between the ages of 5 and 8, your child is becoming more and more independent. He or she may already use the family PC to play fun educational games or browse children’s websites. At this point, children are curious but not to a fault. The Lenovo gaming laptop will fill all of the needs for the age of games and learning!
If you provide them with a variety of fun destinations, they probably won’t stray too far or accidentally pull up dangerous or traumatic information. Plus, parental settings can keep them where you want them to be. At this age, though, your child probably wouldn’t benefit too much from their own laptop and probably wouldn’t use it enough to justify the price.


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Ages 9 to 12



At this age, your child’s workload from school will increase and they may actually need their own laptop in order to access the Internet even when the family PC is in use. This is a great time to buy your child a laptop, but it’s important to spend time setting up parental controls.
Your child will be more curious at this age and this could lead to trouble surfing the Internet. According to Common Sense Media, parents shouldn’t put a computer in their child’s room until the late middle school years, to help avoid any risks associated with using the Internet.


Ages 13 to 16



At this age, children are transitioning from middle school to high school and a laptop can benefit them in numerous ways. Being able to research projects and other schoolwork from home will add to their other source material. In addition, the helpful content students can find online will enrich their minds and provide unique learning opportunities.
A laptop is a great idea because it provides all the tools of a PC but offers up portability as well. Parental controls should be somewhat relaxed, but should still be in place. Parent should talk to their children about the dangers of the internet and online strangers.


Ages 17 to 19



Most parents have purchased their children a laptop by this point, but if not, it’s a great time. Kids will be thinking about going off to college and will most likely need a computer of their own to research, create projects and communicate with family.
At this point, the laptop will need to be more functional and parents may want to include important software that will help kids with their school work. Since kids of this age will be using their laptops for virtually everything from searching for gift ideas for girlfriend to writing essays for college, it’s important to invest in a high quality laptop.
While you should really consider your own child and his or her maturity rather than following this guide strictly, it can help you determine what age is about right for purchasing a laptop for your kid.


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